Hi! I’m Kayla,
I find solutions through human-centered problem-solving.

After half a decade spent in Sales Management, within the wholesale wine industry, I transitioned into design and marketing on the retail side. During this time, I attended Kent State University to earn my Master’s in User Experience Design.

An eclectic academic background in Philosophy and Anthropology, with a dash of Fine Art, has prepared me for UX Design by informing my understanding of critical thinking and problem-solving, human cultures, and visual aesthetic design.

I have always been fascinated by humanity’s diverse similarities. We, as a species, have many of the same desires and needs, but we seek to satisfy them in an array of different ways. The same holds true in smaller, micro cultures — e.g., a workplace, an online community, wine connoisseurs, etc. All of these groups need to satisfy certain needs. Those solutions may apply to common, human needs, like producing goods, connecting with fellow humans, or purchasing a product. However, the way in which different groups satisfy their needs may be unique, depending on their circumstances.

I focus on tailoring solutions to those circumstances.
I focus on the user’s lived experience.
I focus on the human first, and then design the way.

Technical Skills

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I balance my work life out with as much hiking as I can fit in. I enjoy experiencing delicious meals — both those prepared and served by culinary professionals, as well as those made by my amateur, but delightfully qualified, husband. I pretend that I practice yoga daily but it often lands more like twice a week. I spend a lot of my evenings making digital art while enjoying a glass of wine. Or you will find me chasing around my toddler, hoping to get a glimmer of curiosity from his young eyes, and attempting to teach him how to be a good human.

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